Lviv (or Lemberg in German) is an ancient city in the Western Ukraine founded in year 1240 belonging through its history to Kievan Rus, Poland, Austrian Empire and now back to Ukraine. No wonder there are many historical castles and monuments preserved in and around it. Let's go for a virtual trip and enjoy its beauty!

Pechersk Raion is a larger administrative district (raion) of the city which lies majorly within the historical neighborhood, while also including some other historical areas. Pechersk (Ukrainian: Pechers'k) neighborhood is located on the hills adjoining the right bank of the Dnieper River. The two geographic entities are often confused together. Pechersk Raion can be considered as the very heart of Ukraine:

Holidays in Ukraine is an unique opportunity to feel the real soul of Ukraine and live the life of the local people. Christmas and Easter, Independence and Labor days - each has they unique beauty. Don't miss them!